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Is the temperament of a male Ragdoll better than a girl?

There is a stigma out there, regarding male vs. female Ragdolls, where the boy Ragdoll cat is more loving or more chill than a girl. I have four girls and one boy.

My boy (Gizmo, pictured above) is amazing and chill but my girls are equally amazing and chill. Each of my cats is so different from the other. One is a leader, another a follower, one is the Queen B, one is more of a nurturer and caretaker, one likes to give kisses, one likes their belly rubbed, one is picky about wet food, one likes to sleep with me and one likes to sleep with my son.

My point being, just like our children, they all have different personality traits. The one item that does vary, and this is more factual, the male Ragdoll is often, but not always, larger than the female – sometimes up to 5 lbs. But I’ve also seen female Ragdolls get absolutely huge. Like anything, it varies.

But what I do know, and this is factual (Lol) these are the best cats in the universe. Their dog-like personality, beautiful blue eyes, luxurious coat and unconditional love they provide us, is like no other.