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Hello! My name is Karey Kelly.  My son and I are a boutique family Ragdoll cat breeder in Southern California, and have been raising lovable and friendly Ragdoll kittens since 2016. 

Our ragdoll kittens are raised around children and dogs and are super friendly! We spoil our Ragdoll cats with love and attention and they live a well cared for, pampered life of luxury. Our dog loves our Ragdoll kittens & the kittens love him.  If you have a dog, your kitten will acclimate well with his/her future siblings. 

All of our breeder Ragdolls are DNA tested negative for HCM.  Sienna’s Great Grandfather is “Overland Trail Scout,” a TICA Champion.

Bridget Lancioni, Partner

Karey’s Business Partner and Mentee/ Trabuco Canyon, CA  

My name is Bridget Lancioni, and I am a registered nurse currently living in Orange County, CA. I am married to a wonderful husband, have 6 children, and many animals. My love for animals started when I was very young and as I became older I bought a hobby farm in Minnesota. The hobby farm consisted of pot belly pigs, a couple horses, chickens, rabbits, fainting goats, dogs, and of course kitties. When I first met my husband four years ago, he did not have any pets and now his world sure changed. The big surprise to Brian is that I owned a horse and I wasn’t parting with him. Max, my horse has moved with me from Minnesota to Arizona and now here in Orange County. My husband and I own 2 dogs, 2 ragdoll kitties, a guinea pig, a horse, and a bird. The love for animals continues as I joined with Karey and started breeding ragdolls. I am very excited about partnering with RagdollKittensbyKelly and helping families become owners of this beautiful and fun breed of ragdoll kittens.

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