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Karey Kelly’s Breeder Cats

The following photos are of our beautiful Ragdoll cat family.  All of our Ragdoll breeders are DNA tested negative for Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), which is the most commonly diagnosed cardiac disease in cats.

Meet Jasmine

DOB 5/9/2021 • Chocolate Point (Future breeder)

Meet Chanel

DOB 9/21/2020 • Blue Bicolor (Future breeder)

Meet Jewel

DOB 10/26/19 • Jewel is a Seal Bicolor

(High White, Carrier of Lilac and Chocolate gene)

Meet Coco

DOB 12/30/18 • Coco is a Blue Lynx (Tabby) Bicolor

Meet Sienna

Sienna’s Great Grandfather is “Overland Trail Scout,” a TICA Champion.

DOB 3/24/16 • Mitted Seal Point

Meet Niko

Stud services are available in my home.  Your queen must have proof from your veterinarian of a clean bill of health.

DOB 9/29/2020 • Blue Bicolor

Meet Gizmo

DOB 6/5/15 • Seal Point

Bridget’s Breeder Cats

Meet Iris 

DOB 5/9/21 • Blue Lynx (Tabby) Point (Future breeder)

Meet Raya

DOB 3/5/21 • Mitted Fawn Lynx (Tabby) Point (Future breeder)

Meet Skye

DOB 2/29/2020 • Blue Bicolor (Retired Breeder)

Meet Stormy

DOB 10/1/19  • Mitted Seal Point

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